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Machinery Classified is a strong established brand in the machine tool market, recognisable for over 25 years as a route to researched and active machine tool buyers. Our ongoing agreement with the European Association of Machine Tool Merchant (EAMTM) as the British Branch's official publishing partner demonstrates our commitment to the machine tool dealer network. We have always been an end user magazine, created in a format based on engineers opinions, making it easy and quick for a user to find a specific machine type with the right capacity to meet their jobs needs.

Machinery Classified has an audited and controlled fortnightly circulation of 7500 reaching approximately 15,000 End User sites across the UK.

Once per month we publish a special international edition of Machinery Classified which is circulated across 45 countries including UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Russia, China, USA, Canada and South Africa.

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Classified Advertising
Per Line Per Issue x1 x4 x12 x24
Standard Listing £7.25 £6.50 £5.75 £5.25
Bold Listing £10.00 £8.50 £8.00 £6.75
Ruled Bold Listing £11.00 £9.50 £9.00 £7.75
Photo Listing £70.00 £65.00 £57.50 £52.50
Panel (per col cm) £10.50 £9.00 £8.50 £7.50
Display Advertising
Per Issue x1 x4 x12 x24
Full Page £1,600 £1,400 £1,200 £950
Half Page £1,100 £1,050 £900 £650
Quarter Page £650 £575 £475 £325
Machine of the Week £125 £115 £105 £95
Covers x1 x4 x12 x24
Outside Front £2,300 £2,100 £1,750 £1,400
Inside Front £2,200 £2,000 £1,700 £1,150
Outside Back £2,300 £2,100 £1,700 £1,400

Website Advertising

The Machinery Classified website has over 40,000 visitors of which 20,000 have registered their details and regularly visit our site from over 100 countries. We vigorously work on search engine optimisation so we continue to rise up the search engine rankings and continue to attract more and more new users with our advanced and innovative platforms. The success of our site is its simplicity, ease to use, while still delivering a host of top end platforms to promote machine stock - that's along with the strength of the 25+year Machinery Classified brand that continues to drive users direct to us.

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Online Advertising
Photo Listing £100 per two weeks
Video £240 per month
Auction Listing £200 per week
Enhanced Supplier Record Card £1000 per year
Banners / Tile Adverts from £800 per month
Machine of the Week £100 per week (min two weeks)

Email Advertising

The Machinery Classified Ezine is our weekly e-newsletter that is emailed to over 10,000 recipients from our database; this is not spam, it is only sent to individuals that have either registered online to receive it or have said that they are happy to receive emails from us. It carries industry news, jobs, upcoming auctions and a selection of machines for sale; it also carries a digital version of our magazine, so users can see the latest issue where ever they may be.

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Email Newsletters
Banners £300
Button £175
Video of the Week £300
Sponsored News £600
Sponsorship Opportunities Available Contact sales for details
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